A different perspective

outer / marpleQ
top / redark
legging pants / maison gilfy
bag / DaTuRa
boots / venti anni

Just popping out quickly today. 
Ha... I can't believe I'm wearing legging pants.

I don't normally take photos at this angle. 
Feels different when someone else is holding my camera.


  1. Looking good & staying warm!

    Who's holding the camera?? :) I feel awkward not being able to see through the viewfinder myself too~

  2. [Jenny] My bf took that photo for me. Trying to train him to take photos for me but I don't think it's working out :P

  3. Give him time & be patient is all I can say. My guy suuuuuucked 100% of the time taking snaps. Took me a while to get anything decent from him including non-blurry & he's still not so good but I gave up hahahaha, good enough for me I guess. This is good though! He got your whole outfit! My guy never gets my shoes LOL