Forward it to me please

The other day I decided I desperately needed GYDA bracelets.
They were just re-released so I definitely had to buy buy buy buy buy...

I used Tenso to shop at Runway Channel.

I've had a Tenso account for a long time but never tried it. 
It's so quick and simple!
Fees and shipping were about 2700 yen.
I suppose that's reasonable.

I'm happy with my shopping.


  1. Oh thank you for sharing your Tenso experience!!!! I've always wondered what shipping & fees amounted to in the end :D

    Great summer-time get~ GYDA always makes me think summer... of course until winter rolls around & see what the brand has to offer!

  2. [Jenny] It was actually quite a big box they shipped because I bough a tee and shorts too.

    It's winter here and I'm still wearing GYDA summer items! Can't wait to see their winter items though. :D