Shopping adventure

burberry brit black duffle coat

I was wanting a new work appropriate coat.
This one is really nice and warm.
Totally worth it!

It was my first time shopping at Net-A-Porter.

Love the packing and measuring tape.
Ordering and shipping was super quick.

Why does DHL try to leave before you can answer the door?


  1. Oh ho ho ho I knew it would be good the moment I saw the Net-a-porter box!! It's perfection and will always be in style.

    My DHL guy takes the boxes back to the warehouse if I'm not home BUT has also left it at the wrong door too. Thank god for honest neighbors =__=;; I know they're on tight schedules but really, customer service please?

  2. [Jenny] I'm totally in love with my new coat! Must shop at Net-a-porter again sometime. :P

    I actually just caught the DHL guy before he left. It takes a bit of time to get down stairs and luck for me he was still parked in his van. :D