I heart BB cream

missha perfect cover bb cream
kiss me heroine make essence in bb cream
kiss me heroine make smooth cover powder clear

"Australia's first BB cream" was released recently.
So I thought I would just mention a few things about my BB creams.

Missha BB cream has great coverage.
But it can feel very heavy on my skin especially in summer.

Heroine Make BB cream is actually a makeup base.
The coverage is not as good as Missha.
But it's good enough without foundation. 
I just use powder over it and it's perfect. 

Heroine Make only comes in one shade but it suits my skin tone perfectly.
I've always had a hard time finding the right foundation shade.
So that's the reason I love Heroine Make BB cream so much.
And I actually have two spare tubes... lol.


  1. I love the packaging for heroine make up... so cute!

  2. I love bb cream too! And thank you for the details of the BB creams

  3. [Aki] Me too :) The illustrations on heroine make packaging are probably what attracted me to it.

    [Nana] It was really just rambling thoughts though :P

  4. I JUST switched from Missha M to their Perfect Coverage! LOVE IT but it is heavier (for obvious reasons.) Maybe I'll use it less come summer. I can imagine it melting off :F

  5. [Jenny] It might not be that bad during summer where you are. I think it depends on humidity. Gosh I hate humidity XD

  6. the packaging looks cute (:, you should of done some swatches ^^

    CMPang x