A small collection

I was just cleaning up a bit.
Thought I would take some random photos.

I have a small collection of cross necklaces.
They are my favourite at the moment.
Most are from Egoist.

I don't often have time to do my nails.
But I still have a nail polish collection nonetheless.
The pink Susie NY nail colour was my first.
It paints on so smoothly and easily.


  1. You've got quite a nice collection of rosaries/cross necklaces. Love it!
    And I like your Dolly Wink nail polishes. I've wanted to try some, but don't have access here. How's the quality?

  2. That gel look top coat looks interesting! Do you like it? :)

  3. [Joey] I quite like dolly wink polishes because of the colours. They are actually quite vibrant with a subtle gloss. Usually takes two coats for a nice even colour. I think its easy to use and I'm terrible at doing my nails :)

    [Jenny] Hmmm it's ok. It takes a while to dry and you need a few coats. I only bought it because its so highly ranked usually hehe. I think Canmake gel volume has more volume per coat...? XD I have another gel nail polish from Ettusuis. I haven't tried it yet but it looked promising!

  4. Cool! I'll try to get hold of some when I go back to Asia