Some Lycee for my eyes

ROHTO lycee eye wash
ROHTO lycee contact eye drops

Every time I go outside my eyes get irritated.
I just cant stand the environment outside my home... (笑) 

I decided to try Lycee eye wash because it seems quite popular. 
It has vitamins and a mouisturiser plus a subtle rose scent.
A nice concept for an eye bath!

For some time now I've been using Lycee contact drops.
I don't wear contact lenses but I prefer eye drops without decongestants. 
These are my favourite eye drops.
So minty and fresh!

I need to replace mine though...
I don't think eye drops stay sterile for that many months (笑) 


  1. seems like I have to buy this too...
    my eyes are irritated because I'm working in front of laptop everyday :(


    1. Eye gels can be quite good too :)

  2. Ugh, dry eyes are the worst. Last August while I was in Canada I had the worst case of dry eyes, I was only safe in while in the shower but once I stepped out I was practically rendered blind. I've never tried these Lycee drops, are they just as powerful as the liquid nitrogen that is Rohto "Cool" drops?

    1. I think they are a similar product? Not too sure about that though