It's a laundry kind of day

I never knew that dry clean laundry detergents existed until I saw it on Jenny's blog.
Unfortunately they don't exist in regular supermarkets in Australia...

Sometime ago though, I was shopping at a Japanese grocery store.
I happened to came across Akuron.
It's a detergent produced by Lion for wools, dry clean and cottons.
And it helps to repair damage to wool and keeps pleats etc!

Well it turns out that Japanese detergents are cheaper than regular laundry detergents here. 
How ridiculous is that?
So... I ended up buying a few more laundry detergents online (笑)


  1. OOOOOOOOOOH I want all of these!!! *hoarder of clean things* :)

    The floral bouquet one looks heavenly.

    1. Im using the floral bouquet currently. It leaves a nice but very faint floral smell :)

  2. Replies
    1. Japanese household products always have really cute packaging :D