Thank you gifts

For thank you gifts I decided on giving a piccolo wine. 
I found the idea in a wedding book!

So far I've narrowed down my choice to these varieties.
I haven't tasted them yet but I would like to pick one white and one rose wine.

Just judging by the bottle designs which pair should I choose?
I feel I'm leaning more towards the Brown Brothers.


  1. Personally, I'd go with Brown Brothers too. It's a lot easier to drink than other brands of wine..of the same kind of wine. Plus everyone loves moscato :D

    Oh wait you were talking about bottle designs lol. Yeah I'd still go for Brown Brothers. I like the lace-like design on the bottle. Makes the bottle look wedding-y and more exquisite ^^

    1. Oooo it's good to hear an opinion on the taste too! :D